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Setting Up The First Date

Setting up the first date is an essential part of the process. Until you have that date all of this information is simply a moot point. So the first thing you need to do is one the best way to get a date with that girl you just met.

The best way to do this is to be like a salesman. Salesman often do something called, “assuming the sale.”

A good salesman has many little tricks to get keep up the buy. Assuming the sale is one of the most powerful of these techniques. When used properly assuming the sale can really be a secret weapon to increasing your chances of setting up dates with hot women. Here’s how it works…

Obviously you are trying to sell her anything. Or are you? In fact you are. You are trying to sell yourself. She has no idea who you are. You could be a lemon or BMW. How is she to know? Assuming the sale is all about using words to assume she already accepts.

I’m sure you’ve seen salesmen do this… “So would you like the extended warrantee or the Limited warranty” is a common sales technique even before somebody has actually agreed to purchase the item. It assumes I guess because the product is “so good” that anybody would be foolish not to accept.

When you assume the “date” with a girl you do the same thing. After talking to a girl for a bit and hopefully gaining some sort of attraction from her you ask her out on a date. But you don’t do it in a hesitating manner. Do it in a way that assumes she will say yes. Not only does the schema psychological advantage but also shows you are extremely confident. Something that women love. To get her to accept your first date proposal try assuming the date like this:

“I’ve loved talking to you this evening. You are a lot of fun. Let’s go out this next weekend, what day is better for you Friday or Saturday?”

After you asked this question is important just to look at her and await a response. She may not say anything for a while awaiting sign of weakness. If you look away, look embarrassed or talk first after this you have failed. She must be the one to reply. If she says she’s not interested in a date with you chances are you’ve read your signals wrong and she is really simply not interested in you. If she is interested although posing the question this manner will bring about you most likely chance for success.

Once you said yes to the date try to get her phone number but also “assuming the date”. Try to get her number by assuming the date in a fashion like this:

“Great, we will go out ________. I will call you in a couple days to confirm the plans. Which number to want to give me your cell or your home number?”

This is a tactic that is sure to get you a lot more first dates than any other hesitant and scared approach. It takes a fair amount of confidence or at least pretending to have confidence to do it. But when done properly assuming the date(sale) is simply one of the best first date tips you can imagine.

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